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White Tiger Society
White Tiger Society
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(Lalabela Music/One rpm) 

White Tiger Society releases the second single, "Let It Go", from the forthcoming debut album, Sound of the White Tiger, to be released early 2019 via Lalabela Music Group. With soulful vocals encased in horns, the track showcases the collective's diversity with it's take on classic R&B. 


Produced & mixed by : "Comissioner" Gordon Williams.
Written by : Dajla Lalia, Benjamin Bouton & Gordon Williams
Vocals : Dajla Lalia // Background vocals : Dajla, Benji, Comish 
Drums, Guitars & Keys : Benji Bouton // Bass : Christopher Meredith 
Percussions : Benji & Comish // Programming : Comish 
Horns : Kevin Batchelor (Tr), Freddy "Rocksteady" Reiner (sx), Robert Stringer (Trb)
Engineered by : Supa DJ Buff & Comish assisted by Nico Romano
Mastering by : Tony Dawsey 

Feat. Stephen Marley to be released by Lalabela Music Group/ OneRPM, from the forthcoming debut album “Sound of The White Tiger” out 2019. 

“Stephen and I have a long relationship in music, going back to the days of The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, all the way up to Welcome To Jamrock, on which we worked together, as well as his latest album, The Fruit Of Life. Stephen actually picked ‘Why’ to collaborate with us on, and we are thankful to have ‘Ragga’ as part of the White Tiger family!”  


“Comissioner” Gordon Williams 


Lalabela Music Group /ONErpm / Produced and mixed by Comissioner Gordon 

Written by Dajla Lalia, Benjamin Bouton, Gordon Williams and Stephen Marley.

Vocals: Dajla Lalia and Stephen Marley 

Guitars & Keys: Benji Bouton 

Drums: Stixx Mitchell

Bass: Christopher Meredith 

Trumpet by Kevin Batchelor // Tenor sax by Fred “Rocksteady Freddy” Reiter 

Trombone by Robert Stringer 

Percussion by Comissioner Gordon 

Engineered by Gennaro “Geronimo” Schiano, Gordon Williams and Supa DJ Buff

Artwork by Illestr8 

Mastered by Tony Dawsey 


August 11th - 1st single official release -“Why” featuring Stephen Marley.

2018 - Debut album release “Sound Of The White Tiger”

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White Tiger Society is a collective fronted by

singer-songwriter Dajla.

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Central Park Summer Stage  - Tribute To Pete Seeger - NYC


Holiday Party - Club Verboten - Williamsburg, NYC


NYC Fashion Week - Nolcha Private party, NYC


#MCM Music & Comedy Mondays - Gotham Comedy Club, NYC


Soleils Bleus Festival - Saint-Herblain , France


WTS + Glenn Lewis - Jazz Café - London, UK


Brooklyn Fashion Week - Mike Sylla/Baifall Dream Show


WTS + Ky-Mani Marley - Gramercy Theater - NYC


Iconic 32/Malik Yoba - Youth Summit - John Jay University, NYC


Lalabela Music Group    

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"A tiger that has overcome trials and tribulations is known to turn white, becoming a white tiger. Although it is a sacred creature that doesn't harm people, it becomes angry when the ruler of the country conducts evil and inhumane deeds. Therefore, it has been told that powerful people become humble and rich people become generous when a white tiger appears.»

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